What coconut oil is best for hair?

What coconut oil is best for hair? – Coconut oil has been used globally as one of the best hair oils. Before you start using coconut oil, you should equip yourself with knowledge about the uses of coconut oil, find out why coconut oil is special and millions of people use it every day. . At the end of the article I will share with you the list of the best coconut oil for hair!

What coconut oil is best for hair? – Many people living in the tropical coastal regions, especially those in coconut lands, have firmly chosen coconut oil as the only hair conditioner they want to use. Typical examples are the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines and part of the Caribbean.

Coconut oil contains a lot of Carbon Hydrates, Vitamins and minerals that are good for human health. Coconut oil is not only used to condition the hair, it is also used as a skin conditioner and bath oil, in some Asian countries, coconut oil is also used to prepare food and mix with salads.

Coconut oil has also been used as a hair conditioner for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, and it gives great results. Certain ingredients in coconut oil keep hair strong, nourish and protect it from the effects of aging, like hair loss and baldness.

12 Benefits of coconut oil for hair

πŸ† Hair loss

What coconut oil is best for hair? – Coconut oil has been used as a hair growth stimulant since ancient times in India. Many anti-hair loss remedies have been made using herbs and coconut oil. One of those remedies is to boil sage leaves in coconut oil. This mixture can be used on the scalp to increase the strength of the roots, as well as prevent hair loss.

Using a lemon and coconut oil mixture on the scalp and hairline also works to prevent hair loss, as well as a mixture of coconut oil and gooseberry. Heat the gooseberry in coconut oil, then let it cool and apply on your hair.

πŸ† Damaged hair

Best coconut oils for hair – Using coconut oil to nourish hair helps to minimize the loss of nutrients in damaged hair as well as undamaged hair. Coconut oil is rich in Lauric Acid, has a great resemblance to the nutrients of hair, and is easily absorbed through the hair’s outer shell due to its low molecular weight. Coconut oil can be used to condition hair before or after shampooing.

πŸ† Cooling

Coconut oil also has a cooling effect. It can cool hot scalps, or those that produce excessive sweating.

πŸ† Moisture retention

Best coconut oils for hair – Coconut oil has a high moisturizing capacity, as it is not easily broken and also does not evaporate, is very stable. It does not allow moisture to escape, thus keeping hair moist and soft, preventing hair from breaking.

πŸ† Hair Conditioner

Coconut oil is a better nourishing conditioner for hair than any other hair care product on the market. Using coconut oil helps to keep hair shiny and soft. Apply coconut oil to your hair overnight and wash again the next morning, repeated several times a week to help you have healthy and smooth hair.

πŸ† Dandruff Treatment

The different fatty acids present in coconut oil act as dandruff agents very well and better than any anti-dandruff shampoo. Regular use of coconut oil can help you get rid of dandruff forever. Massaging your scalp and hair with coconut oil is ideal for results.
A home remedy for dandruff can be prepared by mixing coconut oil with sesame oil. Apply this mixture for about 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

πŸ† Styling

Coconut oil can also be used as a styling gel, as it is liquid at high temperatures and then coagulates when refrigerated. So when you apply coconut oil on your hair, the coconut oil is thin and spread evenly due to the heat of the scalp. Soon after, when the hair is exposed to air, the oil in the hair condenses, acting as a styling gel.

πŸ† Protect the skin from lice

Head lice are a very common pest found in hair and can be a shame for anyone. They also tend to come back over and over again. There are many chemical products available to treat lice, but unfortunately, they can also damage the scalp and hair due to their strong chemical composition. Combing wet hair with a good comb is a good remedy for getting rid of lice but this can also damage wet hair. However, if a layer of hair is wet with coconut oil, it becomes much easier to brush and remove lice.

πŸ† Hair Care for Dry Hair

For those with dry, coarse and thin hair, taking good care of it is a major concern. However, using hair care products to cleanse, tone, and condition your hair can all lead to dry and flaky scalp. Coconut oil works very well in the care of these types of dry hair.

πŸ† Conditioner

Hair conditioner can be easily made at home with coconut oil. Not only is it effective, it also has no side effects. Combine some henna plants with coconut oil and warm milk for a thick paste. Apply this mixture to your hair, massage for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair properly. This conditioner is very effective, especially for dry hair.

πŸ† Split ends

If you have a lot of split ends in your hair, it’s common advice to cut them, but in case this problem only appears on a small number of your hairs, You can use simple remedy to solve the problem. Massage your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil for a few minutes; This will help minimize the splits and cause the splits to bond together.

πŸ† Gray hair and baldness

Coconut oil is also beneficial for preventing baldness and baldness. Try mixing Bhringraj or Eclipta Alba leaf juice into coconut oil and applying this mixture on your scalp and hair, you will be surprised with the results!

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what coconut oil is best for hair?

What coconut oil is best for hair?As mentioned above, now I would like to share with you the list of the best coconut oil for hair!

  • Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • COCO & CO. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Premium Nature Coconut Oil
  • Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Viva Naturals Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Pure Body Naturals 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • SheaMoisture Head-To-Toe Nourishing Hydration 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Oliology Coconut Hair Oil
  • Ultimate Originals Therapy Coconut Oil Stimulating Growth Oil
  • Organic Root Stimulator Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Hairdress

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