What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets? – Your kitchen cabinet is old, peeling off paint and you want to repaint it. So today please take a moment to follow Megainside’s post today. I will show you how to choose the best kitchen cabinet paint.

How to paint kitchen cabinets like professional painters

Preparation steps before painting kitchen cabinets

You should remove the kitchen cabinets down, put them on the floor to paint. This way of painting the kitchen cabinet will prevent the paint from dripping out. If your kitchen is too tight or you cannot remove the kitchen cabinet doors, cover metal details, hinges … with newspaper, plastic to avoid paint overlapping them. You can remove the metal handles on the kitchen cabinet to prevent paint from overlapping them. Be sure to place newspaper on the kitchen floor so that the paint won’t drip onto the floor.

Before painting the kitchen cabinet, you need to clean it through the kitchen cabinet. You can use a special cleaning solution to clean grease and grease traces. For stubborn stains, you can beat sandpaper. Finally, dust the kitchen cabinet with a wet cloth and let it dry.

Primer when painting kitchen cabinets

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets? – A primer to create a base for paint is paramount when painting kitchen cabinets. You should choose the right primer for your family kitchen cabinet surface. For example, you can choose wood primer when repainting wooden kitchen cabinets. If you want to simplify this step when painting the kitchen cabinets, you can choose specialized interior paints that do not require primer.

What kind of paint should be selected when painting kitchen cabinets

You should choose a kitchen cabinet paint that matches the cabinet material. You can choose the versatile kitchen cabinet paint that can be painted on wood, plastic or metal materials.

One thing to note when painting kitchen cabinets is that to get the perfect new paint color, you need to paint a few layers. So, be patient and wait for each coat to dry before adding a new coat of paint.

Notes to paint beautiful kitchen cabinets

Self-painting beautiful kitchen cabinets is a waste of effort and time. You should not paint very thick paint and paint quickly to finish painting kitchen cabinets. Let the primer dry for a few hours and then paint the kitchen cabinet. Likewise, apply a new coat of paint every few hours. You need at least 2 coats of paint to get a beautiful new color.

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What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

And here will be the best paint brands for kitchen cabinets for you to answer the question: What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

  • Farrow and Ball Full Gloss Paint
  • Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Satin Paint
  • Fine Paints of Europe Eurolux Acrylic Paint
  • Valspar Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint 
  • Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations System
  • Behr Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint
  • Insl-X Cabinet Coat

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