what is the best tea to drink for weight loss?

What is the best tea to drink for weight loss – Today’s trend, human form is very important, especially women. Due to eating habits, sedentary, the body accumulates excess fat or has to foster a lot, so the body no longer has a charming waist as before. You want to get rid of excess fat, lose weight quickly but still safely and effectively, one of the safe weight loss methods is to choose reputable weight loss teas.

Slim Mix weight loss tea powder leading Japanese technology

What is the best tea to drink for weight loss – SLIM MIX – a product that helps both lose weight and beautify the skin. Slim Mix will help you quickly lose 5 – 7 kg in just one month! The more you use it, the more beautiful you will be and the better it is to improve your health!

In particular, the manufacturer guarantees that during using Slim Mix, customers will not experience any side effects.

Slim Mix is the perfect combination of natural ingredients to aid weight loss imported directly from Japan.


It can be mentioned with 7 rare medicinal ingredients including:

  • Spirulina, also known as spirulina: contains a lot of nutrients. Spirulina has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, repels the risk of heart disease, helps lower blood pressure and prevents the risk of stroke.
  • Low calorie cocoa with a moderate sweetness helps create a feeling of fullness while suppressing cravings.
  • Cordyceps helps build muscle, promotes weight loss by burning calories
  • Soy has the ability to help prevent fat by reducing food intake in the body.
  • Fat-free oats with very low sugar and calories, the fiber inside them plays a key role in helping these excess energy be consumed.
  • Colagen is a protein found in animals that helps to reduce fat and prevent new fat from entering the body, increasing energy for an efficient day.
  • Protein in moderate content helps burn calories, speed up metabolism


With delicious chocolate taste, easy to drink, Slim Mix will help users:

  • Slim Mix with the main function is to provide full energy, replace meals, with Chocolate flavor help your mood always happy.
  • Helps reduce the accumulation of fat and fat in the body, support weight loss faster.
  • Supports to increase metabolism and burn, decompose fat naturally.
  • Reduces the absorption of fat into the body, does not gain weight again.
  • Reducing internal body fats such as blood fats, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, minimizing the risk of diseases of the heart, liver, kidney ..
  • Slim Mix also helps beautify the skin, helps skin smooth, youthful, avoid dry skin, prevent aging.
  • With each 12g Slim Mix package helps to burn> = 27 calories and> = 80mg fiber to make you feel full quickly, reducing the appetite for other dishes.
  • It also helps to expel waste from the body more quickly and thereby reduces the existence of toxins in the body, lowers cholesterol and helps the body regulate blood sugar.

How to use

Instructions for using the correct weight loss food Slim Mix:

  • Morning: When you wake up you need to drink 1 glass of warm lemon juice immediately, then drink 1 cup of Slim Mix instead of breakfast. Go for a brisk walk or even jog for 30 minutes. Then drink 1 of the 3 vitamins that have been prepared above
  • Noon drink 1 glass of smoothie
  • Evening: After coming home from work, shake or jog for another 10 minutes and drink 1 cup of
  • Slim Mix.
  • At night before going to bed drink a glass of warm lemon
  • Mix 1 sachet (12g) in 100 ml of warm or cold water then enjoy
  • Children from 13 years old use 1 pack per day.
  • Adults use 2 packs (24g) 1 day for optimum effect
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Black Latte: Tea powder for weight loss, natural fat atrophy drink

What is the best tea to drink for weight loss – Black Latte is a powdered weight loss tea originating from Russia. Black Latte is an instant slimming drink with a dark charcoal coffee flavor. This is an exclusive weight loss formula made by a team of researchers at a famous beauty clinic in Moscow.


Unlike other weight loss products, Black Latte contains 100% natural ingredients, so it does not cause any side effects or affect your health.

  • Activated carbon: Prevent the absorption of fat from food and fat accumulation in the body.
  • Coconut milk: Stimulates metabolism faster. Start the process of “self-cleaning” in the body and remove fat accumulated in the hips and abdomen
  • L-Carnitine: Break down and remove excess fat under the skin, along with signs of cellulitis, prevent rough skin and keep the body healthy after losing a lot of weight
  • Omega-3: Increases the concentration of leptin, a hormone responsible for the speed of fat breakdown in the body
  • Calcium: has a calming effect on nerves, restricts stress besides reducing fat storage in the body.
  • Phosphorus: helps prevent the growth of adipose tissue cells.
  • Iron: in Black Latte helps to burn fatty tissue under the skin, while preventing excess fat accumulation.
  • Vitamin A: will bring a full source of energy.
  • Vitamin B1, B2: will help normalize fat metabolism in the body.
  • Natural cocoa: will promote oxidation, destroy fat tissue accumulated for a long time. Strengthens the immune system during fat loss


With this product, you can not only get rid of excess weight, but also get healthy sleep, increase physical activity and endurance, boost the immune system.

6 natural fat loss pills combine to create a powerful fat burning formula. These are the effects that Black Latte brings

  • Burn fat “even while sleeping”. Helps you lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.
  • Reduce appetite, cravings for sweet.
  • Without fatigue, you are always in a relaxed, energetic feeling.
  • Do not cause feeling depressed, nausea.
  • Lose weight slowly, without losing the sudden balance in the body. Furthermore, the body is not dehydrated, causing a virtual feeling of weight loss.
  • Natural ingredients will help you look young, smooth and bright.
  • Lose weight without any practice or diet.
  • Helps skin to become firm and healthy, anti-aging.
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system while improving the function of brain, heart and blood vessels.

Depending on the location, the results will be different. Usually you will lose 2-5kg in 2-4 weeks of continuous tea use, your waistline will decrease from 5-10cm.

How to use

To use each day you mix about 2 teaspoons of Black Latte with 200 ml of hot water to use as a weight loss aid.

You can use the product either before or after a meal.

And have to be persistent in using for about 2 to 3 months to feel the remarkable change.

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American weight loss tea Leptin Teatox

What is the best tea to drink for weight loss – Appearing as a magic door to effective weight loss opportunities for millions of people, Leptin Teatox weight loss tea has become a fever that many users seek and use.

Detox Tea for slimming with 100% natural formula contains no chemicals, helping to lose fat much for those who have excess visceral fat as well as fat.

The ingredients of the tea Leptin Teatox

According to the ingredients table announced by the manufacturer, the product is made up of completely natural ingredients, extremely good for the user.

However, Leptin Teatox Weight Loss Tea comes in 2 types: daytime and nighttime. Therefore, the composition system in each category is not the same. As follows:

For the daytime line, there will be green tea essence, extracted from Dai Hoang root, or lemon leaf oil, lotus leaf powder, goji berries.
Night type is a combination of Tofu, Son Tra, powder from leaves and roots of Phan cholera, … besides, there is still lemon leaf essence, lotus leaf as in the daytime type.


As the name suggests, Morning Boost tea enhances and accelerates weight loss while Night Cleanse tea has the main mechanism of cleansing the body, eliminating toxins and excess fat from the body more quickly.

Special Uses of Leptin Teatox Moring Boost Weight Loss Tea:

  • Impact on excess fat areas, accelerating the burning process of these excess fat out of the body by a natural mechanism.
  • Control the absorption of body fat, reduce the formation of fat from energy intake.
  • Promote body metabolism, reduce bloating, indigestion and support digestion, release fast energy intake.

Special uses of Leptin Teatox Night Cleanse Weight Loss Tea:

  • Removing caffeine in tea, regulating sleep helps users sleep better, sleep better.
  • Lose weight even while sleeping by removing residue, toxins, excess fat in the intestinal wall, cleaning the body.
  • Helps eliminate cholesterol components in the blood, control the stability of organs such as liver, kidneys.

Instructions for effective use of Leptin Teatox weight loss tea

How to use Leptin Teatox tea to lose weight effectively:

  • Leptin Teatox Morning Booost Tea: Use one bag per day, put 1 bag in 350ml of boiling water, let the tea infuse for 3 to 5 minutes then use. Drink 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Leptin Teatox Night Cleanse Tea: Use 2 days 1 bag (1 bag every other day). Put 1 bag in 350ml of boiling water, let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, then use. Drink 30 minutes after dinner.
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Orihiro Night Diet Tea Japanese Orihiro Night Diet Tea

Orihiro Night diet tea is a Japanese night tea that helps burn excess fat and excreted it through the digestive tract, not causing sleeplessness and fatigue.

Orihiro Night Diet Japanese night diet tea of Orihiro brand is one of the three best-selling night diet products of the company, including: orihiro night diet 20 pack, orihiro night diet 60 pack 30 Orihiro day and night weight loss powder.


Ingredients in the Night Diet Tea slimming tea that we learn about include:

  • Casserole: This 1.5 m tall grass can use both flowers, fruits and leaves to treat skin diseases. Buffalo tree used as medicine to treat ringworm, strabismus coins on the body. Water buffalo leaves help clear heat, cool the liver, cure constipation, treat sore throat pain.
  • Sweet grass: Naturally sweet taste thanks to the active natural glycoside. Although it contains no calories, this herb is 200 times sweeter than sugar-sweetened sugar. Sweet grass is the perfect substitute for sugar, helping to reduce the need for starchy people with heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Rooibos: Rooibos black tea grown in South Africa contains antioxidants that help prevent the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke.
  • Chamomile: Chrysanthemum has the effect of calming, detoxifying, relaxing, cooling the liver, brightening the eyes, treating headaches, insomnia, nervousness, temper.


  • Orihiro herbal tea for weight loss helps you to slowly lose weight by burning excess fat inside the body thanks to herbal ingredients from nature.
  • Night diet tea supplement Orihiro Japan does not help you lose weight quickly in a short time, but in return, the weight loss effect is very good, safe and especially does not make you gain weight again.
  • In addition to its effects on weight loss, Night diet tea Orihiro also promotes metabolism, helps limit the accumulation of blood inside the body, prevents and supports the treatment of diseases of blood pressure, heart and heart. blood sugar is very effective.
  • Orihiro Night Diet Tea is also good for the digestive system, helps laxatives and supports the function of better digestive system.

How to use

User manual

  • 1 tea bag mixed with 200-250ml of boiling water, soak the tea for 2-3 minutes and enjoy.
  • 1 pack of 20 filter bags for 20 days.

Nutritional ingredients: rooibos, buffalo, ginger powder, chamomile, sweetener, citrulline, ornithine, glycine, arginine, lysine

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Combo of 4 weight loss teas Teazen – Korean imported tea

Ingredients: herbal tea, including one of four flavors of yellow lemon, universal atrium, red artichoke, lemon mint.

Uses: herbal extracts directly affect fatty tissue to help eliminate excess fat safely, is good for health, helps firm the body, is good for the skin.

Usage: Each Teazen tea box has 10 packs, use 01 pack a day, use daily to get the best results.

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Triple leaf tea super slimming herbal tea weight loss tea

Ingredients: 100% natural herbs, including: licorice, papaya leaf, sena leaf, no additives, flavors, preservatives.

Origin: one of America’s major branded weight loss teas.

Uses: Eliminate excess fat from the body, firm muscle, laxative, eliminate toxins. Using a short time you also see a noticeable effect.

Instructions for use: use one pack per day, the first time to use 01 package should be divided into 2 drinks for the first 2 days, the next day to use 01 pack. The best time to drink is after dinner, not more than 2 packs per day. After drinking 07 days, let your body rest after 03 days and then continue to drink again.

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